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I haven’t met one person that is passionate about blogging and new media that isn’t constantly looking for ways to excel and become better. I consume blog posts, articles and podcasts gleaming information to become better in this conversational space. Recently, I came across some valuable information that can be beneficial in your new media adventure.

Mike Sansone at ConverStations wrote a fantastic post titled, Do you Sound Like Your Blog?” Mike writes,

“We talk a lot about how building a web presence with blog software can extend the reach of your voice. Like singing into a can and communicating to the masses at the same time.

It’s important to think of blogging more in terms of a conversation than a marketing or public relations piece. Compelling conversation will make for a compelling marketing tool, not the other way around.”

You can read the rest of the blog post HERE.

Second, Brian Clark at CopyBlogger gives some great tips from a post titled, “Five Common Headline Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.”

“Writing a great headline means crafting an enticing invitation to a prospective reader. It’s not the whole story, nor is it an attempt to convince anyone to do anything other than to keep reading.

That being said, it seems you can’t move two pages on the web without tripping across a poorly-craft headline. While many contain one or more necessary elements, other factors are often left out of the headline, diminishing the overall power and draw of this critical aspect of your copy.”

You can read the 5 Common Headline Mistakes HERE.

Finally, Brian Clark again hits another home run with his post titled, “The Benjamin Franklin Guide to Marketing Your Online Business.” Brian’s insight and expertise resonated with me when he wrote,

“The days of telling people what you have to offer are mostly over, and without a doubt dead as a doornail online. Educational marketing via valuable content is the rule of the web, and social media has given us the ability to fully heed Franklin’s prescient advice.

Educational marketing has morphed into conversational marketing, and the nimble and responsive business will see great advantages by involving prospects and existing customers in a dialogue that is beneficial to everyone involved. You lose control of the message (as if control was ever anything other than an illusion), but anyone who thinks you can talk “at” people online and succeed is deluded.”

Read the rest of The Benjamin Franklin Guide to Marketing Your Online Business HERE.

All of these articles are fantastic! Make sure you check them out and read them in their entirety.

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