The Missing Links: Your Weekend Reader

Make a Project to Jump-Start Your Dreams: There are at least 100 of you NOT doing what you wish you were doing right now. You’re held back by a lot of things: money, location, obligations, job pressures. But I’m going to bet this: I’m going to bet that, if you really want to do this next thing you’re thinking about doing, that you can come up with a way to be creative. Here’s the goal: start a project.

48 Classic Books to Boost Your Learning Experience: Reading classic books can boost your learning experience. There are some reasons why classic books can do that: they have stood the test of time, they give you different “lenses” to look through, and they will most likely be relevant even to the far future. Reading the classics is an excellent intellectual exercise which will arm you with a lot of powerful intellectual tools.

Top 10 Books for Successful Entrepreneurs…: “If you want to become an expert read for 1-hour per day for 3 years on your given subject. If you want to become a world expert read for 1-hour per day for 5 years.” Well, I took his advice to heart and early-on I wondered what would happen if I read 2 or 3 hours per day?

7 Tips For Learning A Foreign Language On The Road: Short of signing up for immersive language lessons, here are the best ways to learn a foreign language on the road.

How to Live Your Dream: Is living your dream only for a select few or can we all realise our dreams? Here’s six tips to help you live yours.

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