The Weekend Reader: Entrepreneur Edition

2754478731 6Cac6D30A8Top 10 Tips To Get Your Startup Noticed: “Getting your startup noticed is one of the most essential steps in building a successful online brand. You can have the coolest app/site in the world, but if no one knows about it, well, you’re out of luck. Luckily, promoting your startup isn’t the mysterious and magical process some marketers will have you think. When it comes to online promotion, there are several easy, yet time-consuming steps you can take to get noticed online.”

How Not To Promote Your Business On The Internet: “If you want to promote your business on the Internet, do it right. If you make some of these mistakes when you try to promote your business, you could do it more harm than good.”

50 Businesses You Can Start In Your Spare Time: “Most people want a few more dollars in their wallets. But between an employer and family, the time most of us can devote to a second job is severely limited. Running a small side business can provide a few more options: you don’t have to show up at a set time and you can use skills you already have.”

Start Now: 6 Reasons Why This Economy Is Good For Startups: “Doom and gloom. Layoffs, bankruptcy, insolvency, bailouts. Blah blah blah Wall Street, blah blah blah Main Street. It’s a terrible time to start a company, right? Wrong! Here are six reasons why you should start your new company right now.”

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  • Hi David, glad to see you liked my guest article on OnStartups about why to start a company now.

    I've started following your blog — thanks for all the great links. As if I didn't have enough to read already! 🙂