Weekend Reader: Late Edition

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Finding Your Village of Customers: “Everywhere you look, you might notice a new kind of flexible, smart small business. They serve a relatively small number of people. Big businesses drool over their profit margins and adaptability. Their customers are knocked out by what they do and how they do. Oh, and one more thing. They’re taking over the world.” (CopyBlogger)

Ten Things to Rock Your Business in a Tough Economy (and Make Your Competition Cry): “In the world of marketing, this goes by the name positioning. It’s critical. You need to discover or create your unique value proposition. Never compete on price. If you do, you will have accidentally found yourself in a race to the bottom, and that’s one race you don’t want to win! The insidious thing about competing on price is that once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop.” (Social Media B2B)

The B.E.S.T. Method for Content Strategy (What you Do Before Content Marketing): “Yes, easier said than done, but so many of us get infatuated with a tactic before really planning out what should happen and why. You wouldn’t build a car without a step-by-step plan, but many of us create eBook, Facebook page, web content custom magazine without a content strategy.” (Junta42)

29 Great TED Talks to Engage Your Brain: “One of the best ideas to come from the internet community is opensource.  Opensource software, and opensource learning.  Perhaps one of the best sites for opensource learning is ted.com. If you have never heard of TED it is a site which shares ideas from people from all walks of life on how to make our life better with Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED). I have chosen 29 videos which I have watched over the last few years which made me stop and think about the bigger picture.  Some are funny, some are educational, some are inspirational but every single one of them will engage your brain in some way.” (Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life)

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