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Stop Talking About Social Media and Go Do It Already : “Social media can be an incredible tool, both for producing and consuming incredible amounts of information. Over the last few years, there is no question that an unprecedented change has taken place, putting tools for publication and discovery in the hands of everyone – from simple text to photos and video. Social media tools are changing businesses in terms of how they can connect with customers, partners, peers and even the competition. But the non-stop promotion of the tools and, yes, the individuals who think they are “experts” is getting a little overwhelming.” (Brian Solis PR 2.0)

5 Steps to Using Social Media for Lead Generation: “We (business professionals) are all searching for ways to better market to our consumer base. How can you be creative and produce advertising that will catch the attention of a passerby? How can you create a brochure that will pull people into the folds and sell them on a product? Using social media can help bring the guard down of a consumer. We all exist in walled gardens… holding our purse strings tight to our chest. It is very rare that anyone or anything will ever get into our mind to sell us on a process. We tend to listen to our peers more than anything else.” (Kyle Lacy)

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Business : “Social media is helping to forge a new era in business transparency and engagement, creating both new challenges and opportunities. Gone are the days when companies could rely on carefully crafted press releases or flashy ad campaigns to communicate with their customers, often in an attempt to convince people that their products are the best in the field. In the age of social media, the rules have changed radically, and people today demand a more honest and direct relationship with the companies with which they do business.” (Mashable)

How to Deliver the Talk of Your Life : “As a speaker, one major milestone you face is your first highly public speech. Most of you won’t have to give that first talk at a Ted conference as I did. However, if you do, it helps to remember that the things which make TED talks great can make all talks great.” (Six Minutes)

6 Tips to Boost Your Home Business Despite a Recession : “Our economy has taken a pretty hefty battering over the last year or so and this has directly impacted many home-based entrepreneurs and their businesses. When you depend on your income to feed your family there is no room for failure.”

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