Why Your Customers Want to Talk About Your Brand

Brand ConversationsSocial media is a great tool where you can talk to your consumers, and your consumers can talk about your brand. Honestly, your consumers are already talking about your brand. If you’re not listening than your not aware of what’s being said. You also are unaware who your brand loyalists are and how they are evangelizing your products or services.

The biggest challenge for brands to engage in the social media space is always the concern of what would happen if someone spoke negative about them, but as mentioned earlier, they’re already talking. The ultimate goal is to have the loudest noise coming from your brand loyalists rather than a few unsatisfied customers.

One of the ways to enter the social media space is to make sure your listening to everything that is being said about your brand. There are companies and agencies that will do this for you, but there are also tools such as Radian6 and Scoutlabs that can help you establish your social media listening dashboard.

Once you discover what’s being said about your brand, both the good and the ugly, then you can also begin to embrace why your consumers would want to talk about your brand. Listed below are just a few reasons why.

Reasons why people want to talk about your brand.

1. You have an great product.
2. You offer an incredible service.
3. You converse and listen to your brand loyalists.
4. You brand loyalists feel like they have brand ownership.
5. You create an unforgettable experience.

Leading brands that create great products and services are always at the forefront of conversations. Social media gives that consumer an opportunity to experience the brand face-to-face. Since they are already talking make sure you empower them to share your brand’s ultimate experience.

What are you doing about the conversations that are taking place about you?

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  • laurenvargas

    Thank you for listing Radian6 as a potential tool for those wanting to step-up their listening and engagement. It is important to note that how we perceive our customers may be talking about us is not always how they are actually talking about brand/organization. Valuable insights can be gleaned from listening and then made actionable to improve customer relations.

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6