The Daily Social Media Productivity System

social media systemThe challenge that you often hear with new companies that are adding social media to their marketing strategy is, “how much time is this going to take.” Usually time plus personnel equals money. Meaning, “we want this, but we don’t want to put a lot of time or money behind to it.

However, there are brands and individuals that are investing the time that are seeing results from all their hard work. As a process guy, who works from lists and likes productivity systems like GTD, I’m always looking for tips that can improve my productivity.

I’ve noticed others that have develop their own system. For example, Chris Brogan calls his the “Daily Presence Management System. Here is the system that I’m currently using. Feel free mash-up both of them and create your own system.

Social Media Productivity System

1. Update and add content ideas to your editorial calendar.
2. Answer comments from your readers.
3. Write pillar content
4. Comment on posts from other bloggers.
5. Promote blogs posts from other bloggers.

1. Monitoring keywords (both brand & competitors) from tools like Social Mention.
2. Review alerts from Google Alerts.
3. Review keyword searches from Twitter Search.

1. Promote 3-5 articles from other bloggers.
2. Retweet 3-5 tweets from your followers.
3. Engage in conversation from followers.
4. Follow back followers that meet all your criteria.

1. Post daily to your wall. (Many sync their Twitter updates to Facebook. I prefer to update manually)
2. Comment on 3-5 updates from your friends or fans.
3. Wish “Happy Birthday” to your friends.
4. Answering comments on your wall.
5. Interact with Fan Pages you have become a fan of.
6. Share content from your network that would be interesting to friends.
7. Answer all inbox messages

1. Answer email from blog readers
2. Send emails to 1-3 individuals in your network that you need to stay connected with.
3. Add new contacts to your contact list.
4. Send emails to 1-3 individuals you haven’t connected with in a while.

As you can see, social media takes time and work. If you’re willing to make the investment, results will follow all your efforts.

What are you currently doing? What would you add to this list?

image credit: Jen Son

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  • Melanie, I'm a big fan of #hashtags!! I use them all the time. Great point regarding increasing your reach. Thanks for the input.

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  • myarbrough

    Great list! The only thing I'd add would be hashtags for Twitter. Start your own conversation and update it (I do a work-related one #GrammaroftheDay and a fun one #MustacheMonday). Including and starting relevant hashtags increases your reach and found capability on Twitter.

    Thanks for the great outline!


  • Barb, thanks for the LinkedIn tips. I'm going to make a status update right now!

  • Beverly, I'm glad it was helpful… Thanks for the feedback.

  • For some people LinkedIn makes sense as a part of their online connections. To-do items would be similar.

    1. Check for messages/linking requests and respond.
    2. Post a status update (which you can do via Twitter if you want to link those).
    3. Comment on a status update or two from among your connections.
    4. Search for some questions you can answer in your area of expertise.
    5. Vote for answers you think are good ones.
    6. Interact with 1-2 groups you belong to.
    Periodically run the utility that checks your email contact list in Outlook or Gmail or whatever and send LI invitations.

    I'm not doing this systematically myself, but @ChuckHester ( uses it very effectively and I'm learning ideas from him.


  • beverlyhunt

    great social media checklist david. thanks for sharing it.