How to Start Over for Maximum Effectiveness

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It’s OK To Start Over

Over the past two weeks I’ve invested quality time in starting over. When I became truly honest with myself I had to look at the bottom line. And for me, the bottom line is, “what did I do with the information that was available to me and how did I use it to produce and ship.

When I was finished assessing the good, the bad and the ugly, I realized that it was time to start over from a clean slate and begin to implement the things that I know to do.

Perhaps you find yourself in the same situation. Here are the things that I’ve done that you can take and use towards your fresh start.

Steps to Starting Over

1. Unsubscribe from the Noise
If you’re are going to be as effective as you want to be you’re going to need to unsubscribe to the always flowing stream of information. You have to make a decision whether or not you’re going to just consume information or begin walking out your passion and business.

Here are a few things I’ve unsubscribed from:
a.  Email Newsletters
b.  RSS Feeds – Blogs, News and Podcasts
c.  Activities that don’t support my dreams, passions and goals.
d.  Miscellaneous projects and commitments
e.  TV viewing
f.  Magazines
g. Consumption of news and newspapers

2.  Review master goal and bucket lists.
After you’ve begun to prioritize what’s really important, you can now begin to review your goals and bucket lists to see if they still line up with where you’re headed. You may have to make adjustments and redefine these lists, but it’s OK. It’s more important that you’re on the right path instead of just a path. Also, keep in mind, if you need to delete things from this list then delete it now. You haven’t failed; now you just have a greater clarity of your end goal.

Starting Over

3.  Reassess your productivity and process routines.
Often times we do things not because they’re the most efficient, but because they are the results of the habits that we have adopted. After removing all the noise, now it’s time to get rid of all the clutter that slows you down from producing effectively. For me, that meant throwing out old files, cleaning up all the files on my computer, cleaning off my desk until I had just the minimum I needed to get the job down.

4. Define your three words for the year.
In the previous post, I shared what my three words are for the year and how they’ll be the foundation of everything I do this year. This is a great place to begin rebuilding and anchoring your plan for the next twelve months.

5.  Chart Your Course
Now it’s time to begin to look at your goals and begin to break them down into action items. First start by taking your goals and breaking them down into projects. From there you’ll want to take each project and break them into deadlines and milestones. For me, the next thing I did was take my project list and developed a twelve-month Gantt chart to be able to view my year at-a-glance.

6.  Lights, Camera, Action
This next part of the process at the end of the day separates the dreamers from the achievers. You have to take action. It’s vital that you do something every daily that will get your closer to the end results. There’s nothing wrong with planning, but without execution it’s all a waste of time. Your success twelve months from now will be the results of acting upon your goals and plans.

Its no longer OK to allow great ideas to die now is the right time to start over, chart your course and produce.

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