How to Recover from Distractions Quickly

Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short. – Adam Hochschild

Distractions are everywhere

Distractions can be the quickest way to wreck havoc on your productivity. They are never announced, but when they show up they expect your immediate attention. As a matter of fact, distractions believe that you’re just sitting around waiting for their arrival.

They make themselves known via phone calls, email, text messages, tweets and drop-ins. They have no concern of you or your time. The only they care about is their issue at hand.

You can either adjust or never get anything accomplished.

At the end of the day, you can never eliminate distractions, but you can decide how long they knock you off course.

For example, because I can’t completely shut off the world, since I’ve started writing this post I’ve had a phone call, six text messages and six email notifications. I’ve had to deal with a drop-in and people shouting down the halls. As a content producer this could lead to creative suicide. However, here’s a few things I do to make a quick recovery.

Action Steps

  1. Personal determination to complete your task must come first. If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of something, distractions are sure to oblige. To recover quickly, you must be committed to end results.
  2. Mentally walk out your starting process. Sometimes it’s hard to just ‘jump back in.’ That’s why for me I like to retrace my steps. That way I can pick up in the flow and guarantee a more smooth transition back into productivity mode.
  3. Be committed to getting the project done.
  4. If you can, remove the thing or yourself from whatever has caused the distraction.
  5. Be committed to getting the task completed.

The key to a quick recovery is a strong determination to finish!

Just like weight training or learning a foreign language, mental toughness comes from practice, practice, and more practice.

Accept that fact that you may cave in, but make an agreement with yourself that before____________ you will complete the task.

Hope this helps!

Would love to hear what you think.

How do you recover from distractions?



image courtesy of Arkdog