Increase Your Energy Levels, Change Your Output

3 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels

The quickest way to charge your energy levels is to change your habits.

Who hasn’t heard that before?

The truth is you can begin to see quick results if you’re willing to make overnight changes.

Last year when I decided to change my lifestyle, I knew that I would need to make some serious changes to my outlook on life and health. If I wanted to see drastic results then it was necessary for me to make a wholesale of changes.

You goals, your business and your job are constantly demanding more from you. To be able to increase your productivity it’s vital that you increase your energy levels.

What You Put in your Body is Vital to Your Output

You don’t buy a sports car and fill it with the cheapest gas you can find. If you do, you’ll discover instantly that you’ll change the performance levels. The problem is we do this everyday with our bodies. If you’re going to increase your energy levels, you’re going to need to change what you put in your body.

I learned the hard way, but a diet of high carbs, high sugars and diet sodas packed the weight on and sucked every last drop of energy out of me.

Making a few simple changes, I rapidly increased my energy levels, as well as shed 55 pounds.

My diet included:

  1. High lean amounts of protein
  2. All the green vegetables that I wanted
  3. No sugars and low carbs
  4. No manufactured foods
  5. Plenty of water
  6. Daily multi-vitamin

Increased Movement Created Increased Levels of Energy

When I began this process, there was an interviewing floating around the inter-webs with Sir Richard Branson, CEO and Founder of Virgin Group. In the interview, someone asked how do you become more productive. Mr. Branson leaned back, thought for a second and responded with the utmost confidence, “by working out.” He went on to say that by working out everyday he added FOUR hours of productivity to his day.

If you’re going to get things done, you’re going to need to work out on a frequent basis.

For me personally, I work out six days a week and take Sunday off. The results have been incredible. My levels of energy have increased, in addition to my levels of creativity and overall mental toughness.

If you aren’t working out, you’re robbing yourself of hours of productivity.

Invest Your Time in Re-Creation

If you short-change yourself here, all your work is in vain. You give 100% and then you let your body and mind recover.

Here are 5 ways you can re-create yourself.

  1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.
  2. Spend time feeding your brain.
  3. Avoid negative and needy people that suck every last drop of energy out of you.
  4. Invest in time to just think (There are many people that also include meditation or prayer).
  5. Develop a positive outlook of life, work and family.

It’s Your Energy That Will Define Your Future

If you’re looking for a secret, there are no magic formulas. It’s a lot of hard work, but the payoffs are well worth the investment.

Now, let’s maximize our energy levels and make a difference in our place of influence.

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