Own Your Weekend and Move Ahead of the Pack

One of the biggest opportunities that we have to get ahead is to take advantage of the weekend. If you constantly do what every one else is doing, you’ll never find your way to the top.

Take your weekend back!

Somewhere in my lifetime, I heard someone say, “While you’re sleeping, I’m working. While you are playing, I’m making things happen.”

If you want it (whatever it is to you) bad enough, you’ll be willing to pull out the stops and make it happen.

Being intentional doesn’t end on Friday, you can be intentional on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is what’s working for me:

  1. Get up early! The weekend doesn’t mean I get to sleep in. I choose to leverage my mornings while the rest of my house catches up on sleep. Most Saturdays and Sundays begin between 6 and 7 AM. In our house, nothing gets rolling to around noon. Right there I just gained 10 hours. What could you do with an extra 10 hours a week.
  2. Learn to use a DVR. I’m not a huge TV guy, but I do like a show or two, not to mention I’m a huge sports fan. Record a 60 minute show that’s only 40 minutes and you just gained 20 more minutes in your day. Do the same for a sporting event and you almost cut the viewing time in half.
  3. Develop a system to capture ideas. While it may look like I never take time for my family and kids or relax that’s not the case. I just want to optimize every minute that I have. That’s why I’ve developed my own system to capture ideas. If I’m at a family event, a kids activity or working on a honey-do project, I have system in place to capture ideas for future development.
  4. Take Your Sunday Nighty Back. Sunday evening can be some of my most productive time. I use my Sunday evening to set the tone for the upcoming week. I review the previous week, as well as plan for the next seven days. Also, let me make mention, I don’t use my Sunday evening to catch up, this is my time for personal development; this is when I stoke the fires to all my dreams, goals and ambitions.
  5. When you shut down… Shut Down. Learn to walk away from your phone, iPads, computers and relax and re-create yourself. It’s just as valuable and productive as anything else you do. Just make sure you’re intentional about it and completely shut down.

This is what I doing to move the needle, how do you leverage your weekends?

image courtesy of Swiv