The Best Way to Get Back into the Game

Perseverance Pays Off

Practice makes perfect!

Did you ever hear that growing up?

It was my mother’s favorite line she liked to use every time I was ready quit. While I’m not sure I ever reached perfection, I did learn a valuable lesson to keep moving even when I don’t see the results I desire.

The Battle Rages On

Any time you’re trying to achieve anything you’ll always fight the demons of your past failures. Reminders of when you fumbled the ball, when you quit and when your competition forced you out of the game. If you haven’t built up any mental willpower, your past will never allow you to move forward.

The odds will always be stacked up against you. You’ll always feel like you’re alone and no one understands. There will be people that “don’t get it” and who will have no problem picking apart your idea.

Practice does make perfect… Keep moving forward.

It’s a new week, a new day, a new opportunity to excel.

Keep moving, keep doing that one thing really well.

Do one thing this week and ship it. Write a blog post. Produce a video. Send out that eNewsletter. Submit a guest post or magazine article. Develop a prototype.

Connect with a new group of people. Attend a networking event. Reach out to someone via social media. If you’re feeling really brave pick up the phone and make “that” call.

Do one thing today and repeat it tomorrow!


image credit: rbbaird