9 Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility

Increase your online frequencies

Technology and social media has made easier than ever to get attention. The challenge becomes how do I get on someone’s radar to promote my expertise, product or service?

Once upon a time before everyone carried a personal computer in their pocket, the person, business or brand that shouted the loudest and most often were always the ones that were noticed the most. If you could throw all your money into yelling, success had to be around the corner.

Technology and Social Media Have Leveled the Playing Field

With the explosion of technology and social media it’s easier than ever to be able to establish your voice, interact with influencers and grab the attention of mainstream media.

The question isn’t, “can it be done?” The question is, “will you do it?”

If you’re an expert on any subject or have a product or service that you would like to promote, then it’s time to go to work.

Here are a few foundational ways to increase your digital frequencies.

  1. Start a blog, a home base/digital hub. A place where you can showcase your expertise. It may not be perfect from the start, but strive for excellence in how it looks, as well as the content you produce.
  2. If you haven’t already setup profiles on twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn, you can do that today. Make sure every channel represents you, your business and your brand. Keep a consistent look, feel and tone.
  3. Begin building your own intelligence resources. Follow other blogs, sign-up for enewsletters in your niche. Begin following other influncers and experts in your area of expertise on social media channels. Also, it’s a good time begin building a social presence with individuals that would use your product or service.
  4. Provide value online. This isn’t the time to sell or showcase you. This is where you begin to offer value based content on your blog and social media channels that would help someone else grow and excel. It’s also good to keep in mind the 80/20 rule. Share 80% value based content from other experts in your niche and 20% of your own.
  5. Invest in making others look good. The Golden Rule works in the online world just like it does offline… Put people first! Utilize your social platforms to promote the works of others. Utilize selfless promotion to build your network and as a strategy to begin showing up on influencers’ radars.
  6. Leverage the everyday exchange tools. Make sure your digital hub and social channels are on your email signature and your business cards.
  7. Be visible – Get out from behind the computer and meet people face-to-face. Face-to-face meetings work magic when it comes to increasing your level of influence and establishing your place of expertise.
  8. Be your own brand ambassador. Accept all opportunities to speak and present on topics that are important to your niche. Any time you can share your knowledge, you instantly become more noticeable to the market you’re trying to reach.
  9. Be intentional on a daily basis. You’ll never leverage this space if you only plan on showing up at the table when you feel like it. The digital and social space are constantly moving. To stay on top of the wave you have to be willing to invest your time. The first sign of success is showing up. You’ll never get on someone’s radar if you’re channels lack a signal.

Whatever you do, don’t wait! Make the investment today!

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image courtesy of UNLV Digital Libraries Collection

  • Stacey Ledesma

    One of the best ways to increase your good reputation and spread the
    word about what you have to offer is to share your expertise — and
    content-based marketing is a huge trend.