Accept Change Quickly

The biggest setbacks I commonly see are when people are starring in the face of change. Whether it’s unexpected or they just run out of options, when you force change on someone their whole turns upside down.

The biggest fear of change is usually not knowing what will happen next. Unsettling routines, changing locations and making someone expand beyond their known world spells disaster for many.

But, why? What is it about change that stirs an array of emotions and fears?

I discovered when change forces me to do things differently I usually wish I would have made the changes sooner. The thing that I feared the most becomes the thing I’m most grateful for in the long run.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that making the change will be the best for us moving forward. The simple key is silencing the “what ifs” and making it happen.

The are no quick tips or twelve steps. Say, yes! Then quickly put action to what you’ve been avoiding.

Why fight it? It’s time to make life happen!

  • I don’t think I fear change as much as I dread figuring out how to change in the most effective way, especially in response to how people use or what they expect from the main website that I develop.