It seems like everyone thrives on letting others know how busy they are. Whether that is true or not, we seem to associate busyness as the norm. Anything less and you are tagged as lazy or a slacker.

The harder you work the more others notice. The longer hours you put in the quicker you join the path to advancement.

However, while there can be truth found in these ideas, too many people battle fatigue and burnout because they’re afraid to be passed by and passed over.

The downside in this way of thinking is while you may be racking up the hours your creativity suffers. Instead of presenting fresh and new ideas, we continue to roll out the same old thing with just another paint job and description slapped on it.

The secret behind fresh words and new ideas is your ability to rest.

Taking time to unplug, get away, put down the smartphone and walk away from a screen has a natural way of rejuvenating the mind. It’s nature’s medicine to giving you fresh eyes on the roadblocks you may face.

If you discipline yourself to live by a calendar and work from a list, do yourself a favor and schedule time to rest. No multitasking or peeking at email, shut down and walk away.

If you can do it right now, start. If not, put it on your calendar and make it a weekly event.

The next time someone asks you how are things, tell them, “you’re resting!” It will become your favorite response that you give all week.