Trust Matters

“I don’t trust you anymore” are five words which can wreck havoc immediately.

One of the most painful experiences is to break someone’s trust or to have your trust broken.

Every day our actions are supporting the trust we’ve earned or casting doubt. If it’s respected, we experience the rewards. If we break trust, we experience the consequences.

Trust is earned over time and can be lost in a split second.

When you’re been trusted,

1. Your word is good.
2. You’ll do what you say you’ll do.
3. Your work will deliver on what has been promised.
4. You will be where you say you’ll be.
5. You are committed to your vows and contracts.
6. You will protect the well-being of the individual or the organization who is dependent upon your trust.

Trust is a long-term investment. Our actions increase its value and our consistency pays off over time.

Invest in building trust. Your relationships and clients are dependent upon it.