If there is a response I’ve carried over from my childhood, it’s asking why? By asking “why” it creates another layer of insight, a better understanding of purpose and a more accurate execution plan. Asking “why” is an exercise that should be included in all levels of daily communication.

Here are a few “whys” to get you started.

1. Why do you feel that way?
2. Why is this our approach?
3. Why do we always do it that way?
4. Why am I not connecting?
5. Why do I make unhealthy choices?
6. Why am I influenced by the opinions of others?
7. Why am I so attached to status and things?
8. Why did I respond that way?
9. Why do I give in to my fears?
10. Why am I unwilling to change?
11. Why am I not listening?
12. Why am I not present during peer-to-peer conversations?
13. Why do people respond out of guilt?
14. Why do I procrastinate and refuse to take action towards my goals?
15. Why am I afraid to be wrong?

Bonus: Why am I afraid to ask why?