David Finch

Making Room

When I was walking out of an office building today, I heard someone say, “I’m not sure I can take it anymore, I can’t see the end in sight.” This is not the first time I’ve heard someone say something like this. It’s all too common. Everyone is busy. Everyone wants more time. Everyone is […]

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The Art of Tea

The best time to practice mindfulness is while brewing a cup of tea. Every step requires focus. If you rush the process the tea is weak–Lose track of time and the tea becomes bitter. There are some things in life and business that can’t be rushed. It requires your complete attention and dedication to the […]

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Trust Matters

“I don’t trust you anymore” are five words which can wreck havoc immediately. One of the most painful experiences is to break someone’s trust or to have your trust broken. Every day our actions are supporting the trust we’ve earned or casting doubt. If it’s respected, we experience the rewards. If we break trust, we […]

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