David Finch

Embrace the Journey

Growing up in a small town every time we wanted to go somewhere it was a journey. Whether we were going to the grocery store or picking up a new pair of blue jeans, we could guarantee we would be in the car for a minimum of thirty minutes. We didn’t have the luxury of […]

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The Beginning

The beginning is the most important thing of any idea. It’s when you act upon that thought. It’s taking something internally and manifesting it in an external realm. It’s the start. It’s changing from one direction and going another. It’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s filled with expectations, possibilities, and […]

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It seems like everyone thrives on letting others know how busy they are. Whether that is true or not, we seem to associate busyness as the norm. Anything less and you are tagged as lazy or a slacker. The harder you work the more others notice. The longer hours you put in the quicker you […]

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